Electrical Socket Productions is a collection of talented and imaginative people who all have an interest in the web and its future. Created in 1996, Electrical Socket Productions is the brainchild of Matte Elsbernd a web designer by trade and a think tank by birth. Frustrated with only "designing" web pages, he turned to the thing which made him fall in love with the web in the first place: creating new and exciting content.
Meet Cousin Dusty the ungrounded, 120V bandito This is a collaboration. Matte has sought the most imaginative and creative people he could find. Electrical Socket Productions is a loose net which creates a strong group effort during a job but sets the individual members free after the job is finished. Team members are involved with a particular job based on skills, but more importantly based on interests. Not every web artist has the same interest or skills. Electrical Socket Productions aims to be empowering as well as enlightening.

Content is the backbone of a great web site. Almost anyone will tell you that it takes exciting, fresh, relevant, and changing content. Catchy graphics, animations and other bells & whistles can only do so much and can in fact hurt your efforts. Content includes, but is not limited to, the text and graphics of a site. The structure of your site as well as the "reason" for your site are included. Content could also be seen as your site's "hook," or the thing that draws people in to see your site. Meet Sleepy a 240V slumber party

Meet Grandpa Smokey 30 amps of pure black lungs Many web page design firms will provide you with a web site that accurately portrays your company like an online version of your brochure or business card. This is often enough for many businesses during their first trip online. But as many of the largest companies have known for a while now, it doesn't matter so much what your company builds or does, it matters what makes your site fun or interesting.

Examples of content playing a role in a company's web site can be seen at Toyota where a car company is not limited to just advertising cars.

Content can be as simple as "real life" portrayals of your product or service by customers, giving a consumers view instead of simply yours.

Meet Offkey the choirboy with the 50 amp vocal chords

Meet Junior your average 120V plug in the wall Content could be an interactive experience along the lines of a scavenger hunt or set of riddles which draw people through the pages of your site. A well designed site should have more than one way to browse through the material and perhaps more than one reason for them to do so.

Content might be an ongoing trivia contest with questions about your companies field of business or expertise where the winners will receive "prizes" which can just be promotional material for your business.

Electrical Socket Productions offers you two content related services:
  1. Consultation on content possibilities for your business or organization.
  2. Consultation and construction of the content for your site.
So if your business already has a web design firm contracted or are looking to do it all in-house, Electrical Socket Productions can simply providing a brainstorming service. We will work with you on either coming up with ideas or by refining pre-existing ideas and bringing them to life. When we have an idea in hand, we will then devise the best way to integrate it with the pre-exisiting site. If Electrical Socket Productions is contracted to design the entire site, then of course the "content" will already be integrated into its design. Either way you choose to go, Electrical Socket Productions will do its best to come up with something that's never been done before or something that's proved it sucessful and fitting to your site. Meet Don Juan watch it, he's winking at you

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