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Periodically Coherent
The first in a projected series of image fonts, Periodically Coherent is an "alphabet" made from the periodic table. Download the font and create your own titles/words for web pages or any other type of computer art.

Ransom Letters
NOTE: Electrical Socket Productions in no way endorses ransoms or even kidnapping.
This is the second in the series of image fonts we've created. Ransom Letters consists of letters clipped from magazines so that you too can send a completely anonymous ransom letter.

Baby Name Index
Looking to find the right name for your baby? Tried those books which list name after name, yet after a while all they do is give you a headache? This index not only gives you an extensive list of names, but it provides examples of people who have those names. That's right, before you choose to call your son Leo or your daughter Pauline, see what a real life Leo or Pauline looks and thinks like.

Hexagonal Hues
Finding yourself wondering what sort of crazy person came up with the system where "F09DB9" = pink? Well, I can't explain that accident to you except to say it's an arcane mix of mathematics and color theory. But if you're just out to find some exciting colors to put into your web site, then check out the colors here, hexagonal codes included.

Sideshow Bob's Cyber Circus
In Production

Web Page Design

ASI Program Board Handbook In Production
ASI Program Board is an event-management group at California Polytechnic State University. This Handbook features all of the internal policies, forms and procedures as well as being a training resource.

The Tiniest Rocket
The Help Chris Web Page
14-year old Christopher Ondras suffered a spinal chord injury in October 1996. This site was created in order to help raise money for the Christopher Ondras Fund. The media attention surrounding this site illustrates the expansive attention the internet receives as well as the warm-hearted individuals who inhabit this cyberspace.

SPAM: The Society of Postmodern Archaeologists & Mailcarriers
In existence since 1809, you may have missed this organization, but here's your chance to discover that archaeology and history can be fun. Check out the online version of the Postmodern Archaeology Report and see what all of the fuss is about.

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